Continuing Education Seminars

The MCVFA is pleased to be able to offer education programs to our first responders. These seminars are available by request, pending availability of the instructor and the feasibility of the host location. Please be advised that these programs must be requested by the sponsoring organization as there is a flat fee to the host organization to obtain the seminar.

The MCVFA is offering partnership opportunities with these training programs in that the MCVFA will provide the speaker, certificates of completion for the attendees and assist with marketing efforts.

The host organization will be required to register all attendees and provide the MCVFA with a registration list two weeks prior to the date of the seminar in order for certificates to be printed and presented in a timely manner.

The host organization is required to coordinate all onsite logistics, including event setup, audio/visual and promotion of the seminar, with limited assistance from the MCVFA. The host may provide refreshments at their own cost. Any costs associated with promoting the seminar outside of a listing on the MCVFA website will be the sole responsibility of the sponsoring organization. Should the host organization wish to purchase advertising in the magazine or flyers for distribution, the MCVFA will assist in the logistics.

In order to secure the class, the host organization is required to submit a 50% deposit at contract which is non-refundable. The remaining balance for the seminar is due, payable to the MCVFA, five business days prior to the start of the class.

Course prices and availability are subject to change. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for additional information.