The Huntington Fire Department is hosting Massachusetts Fire Academy Classes in February. To register for classes use the MFA Learning Management System (LMS) - If you are interested in attending any of these classes, please call Huntington Fire Captain John McVeigh at 860-967-1046.


Massachusetts Fire Academy Classes

I just returned from teaching a two-week class at the National Fire Academy in Emmitsburg, Md.

During the graduation ceremony, the assistant superintendent stated that only two percent of all firefighters in the United States will ever attend a class on the National Fire Academy campus in Emmitsburg. A small additional percentage will participate in courses that are offered at the state level.

This statistic jolted me because I have always felt that all firefighters should attend a class on the NFA campus at least once in their careers. Read More...

If you’re responsible for reviewing fire sprinkler system design plans, learn how to avoid dangerous (and costly) errors or omissions. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) is hosting a two-day, hands-on training aimed at giving project managers, designers, engineers, and others the tools they need to accurately and efficiently review sprinkler plans.  


Back by popular demand, the workshop goes beyond a lecture-style format and offers something more hands-on; instructors will guide participants through a plan review and calculations while identifying deficiencies and documenting findings. The workshop, based on NFPA 13, Installation of Fire Sprinkler Systems, also covers: 

• Regulatory requirements for plans and calculations submittals
• Blueprint reading skills
• Sprinkler specifications
• An eight-step process for hydraulic calculations review 
• An eight-step process for sprinkler plans review

We invite you to join NFPA’s fire sprinkler experts in Cranston, Rhode Island, July 13-14, for this unique training experience. Find out more and register by visiting NFPA’s training page.