Why Support the MCVFA?

The MCVFA strives to provide programming, training and resources for its members and community. The MCVFA relies heavily on the support of its members through dues, but dues are not enough to continue the programs we all enjoy presently. Now more than ever, we need your help.

The MCVFA needs your help with a new fundraising initiative called the MCVFA Fund. As a member organization and a 501(c)(3), we really need your assistance and commitment with supporting the longevity of our programs through our efforts to provide information, education and training for the call/volunteer fire service throughout the state. Gifts of all sizes truly benefit our members and the communities we serve by providing funding for scholarships, fire prevention and life safety, health and wellness, training and education among other important items. Your support makes the difference between opportunity and limitations.

The MCVFA is committed to providing support to the call/volunteer fire and EMS service in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Through its membership, the MCVFA helps to provide up-to-date education and training opportunities, recruitment and retention resources, fights for state and national legislation and awards scholarships. But in order to offer the resources and programs that help call/volunteer fire and emergency service departments thrive throughout Massachusetts, the MCVFA must rely heavily upon the backing of its membership and community.

Please help to ensure the vitality and longevity of the call/volunteer fire service in Massachusetts.