Support the MCVFA

The Massachusetts Call/Volunteer Firefighters’ Association (MCVFA) provides information, education and training for the call/volunteer fire and emergency medical services throughout the Commonwealth. Since 1990, we’ve proudly help support, inform, educated and train call/volunteer fire and EMS members.

The MCVFA Fund, Inc. is a program established by the MCVFA to receive and manage annual gifts and donations needed to offset expenses and support programs that membership dues alone can’t cover. The MCVFA Fund was created to support the MCVFA in their efforts to provide information, education and training for the call/volunteer fire and EMS services throughout the state. The MCVFA Fund, Inc. represents the areas of greatest need. These include training, fire prevention education, health & wellness, recruitment and retention and scholarships among other important initiatives.

To be a call/volunteer firefighter or EMT, it takes a fearless, selfless individual willing to face life-threatening emergencies and put their own life on the line to help another human being. The MCVFA is committed to providing Massachusetts call/volunteer firefighters and emergency medical technicians with everything they need to aid them and promote awareness about the vital role they play in the safety of our communities. Please help us fulfill our mission.

Any questions, please contact Executive Vice President This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..