Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Why should I become a member? 
The MCVFA represents call/volunteer, EMS and EMA members in Massachusetts. Without dues paying members, our organization would not flourish and we would not be able to provide fire service resources, support, training and networking opportunities.
How do I get my department or organization to join? 
Go to “Join the MCVFA/Renew Membership” tab and fill out the forms.
Can I join as an individual member? 
Yes, even if your department is not a member, we do accept individual memberships.
I am an EMT. Can I join? 
Yes, the MCVFA represents call/volunteer EMTs.
I am with an Emergency Management Agency in my town. Can I join? 
Yes, the MCVFA represents Emergency Management Agencies within Massachusetts.
How does one become a member?
The first step to becoming a member is to visit the membership page of this website and determine which type of membership best suits you. If you are unsure, just send us an email and we'll help determine the best fit for you.
Where do my membership dues go? 
Membership dues help fund the general day-to-day operation of the MCVFA. This includes AD&D insurance policy, membership benefits, office supplies, printing, telephone, mileage and the State Conference. For more information, be sure to visit our Benefits page.
Will I get a membership card? 
Yes, all members receive a membership card with a unique number and matching bar code and an MCVFA decal for your car.
How do I update my home or email address? 
To change your address or e-mail, contact, Membership Secretary at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Do I have to show my membership card to receive services?
There are only certain instances when you need the card for registration purposes.
Do I have to attend regional or state meetings? 
No, all membership events are completely voluntary. You have no obligation to attend any of the events organized by the Association. We do encourage attendance at these functions, however. We are also always in need of members to work on committees. Committees are an important part of the organization and we hope you’d perhaps consider joining a committee that interests you.
How do I become a call/volunteer firefighter or EMT in Massachusetts? 
Call/Volunteer opportunities exist in many areas of the state. The MCVFA is glad that you have an interest in volunteering for your local fire or EMS department. By calling 1-(800) 551-FIRE, you can leave your contact information or you may use “Find a Local Department” on the Membership page. Every effort to help in either emergency or non-emergency call/volunteer opportunities in your community is appreciated.
I’m not able to be a firefighter, but I’d still like to help. What can I do? 
There are a number of other ways you can participate. Fire, EMS and Emergency Management departments also need non-active members to help with fundraising, administrative, and support functions with a myriad of duties including public education, photography, apparatus maintenance and general carpentry. The list goes on! If you have a skill that you think would be beneficial to the department, please contact them to discuss it.