MCVFA Member Benefits

The MCVFA is always working on a statewide level to improve legislation, funding, safety and training.
We are the voice of the call/volunteer fire and EMS services in the Commonwealth.


Fire Service Representation – The MCVFA is the representative of the call and volunteer fire and EMS services to the Commonwealth’s political and regulatory agencies including the Governor, State Legislators, Department of Fire Services, Department of Public Health, Fire Training Council, Fire Services Commission, etc.

Recruitment and Retention Assistance – The MCVFA strives to create projects and activities that will assist member departments within the Commonwealth by providing advertising and other programs to increase the ranks of the Massachusetts volunteer fire and EMS services.

Training and Education – The MCVFA provides training and education programs around the state on a variety of topics. The purpose is to reduce the number of injuries and deaths of fire and EMS responders by providing training in safety and other fire and EMS related topics. This training takes place via seminars and programs covering a wide range of fields. The MCVFA also has a Bullex Fire Extinguisher Training simulator available for member departments’ use.

Legislative Advocacy – The MCVFA generates and pursues a legislative program to support its membership and make the voice of the call and volunteer fire and EMS services heard in all levels of government. The MVCFA works with legislative representatives and endeavors to secure passage of legislation in the interest of the call/volunteer emergency services in the Commonwealth. The MCVFA has added the Engage application to its website. Engage is designed as a service for you as an easy to use tool for contacting your elected officials. It is an online advocacy program that allows its users to send advocacy messages to legislators on recent legislation either proposed or being debated at the state and national levels. Since we have instituted Engage, the MCVFA has been able to get several pieces of legislation passed including representation on both the Fire Training Council and Fire Services Commission.

Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance – All members of the MCVFA are automatically enrolled in a 24 hour, $7,000 Accidental Death and Dismemberment group policy. This policy will pay for a covered loss resulting from bodily injury to a member.

Liberty Mutual Insurance – All MCVFA members can enjoy exclusive savings on their auto and home insurance through Liberty Mutual Insurance.

Health & Wellness – Teaches first responders the importance of health and wellness and motivates them to start a department wide health and fitness program.

BJ’s Wholesale Membership – As a MCVFA member you now have access to discounted BJ’s Wholesale Club Membership. You can now access the BJ’s Inner Circle Membership for $10 off. This membership offer also includes 3 free months (15-months total) of membership. Current BJ’s members can renew their current membership at their expiration date and receive the discount.

Anna Maria College Online Program – The MCVFA and Anna Maria College have partnered together to offer MCVFA members a great opportunity to help them reach their professional and educational goals through a cost effective and flexible online option to earn regionally accredited and truly competitive career advancement degree programs.

Video Training Library – Members can borrow training DVD’s and videos from their local libraries.

Subscription to Smoke Showin’ MagazineSmoke Showin’ conveys topical and educational information to the call/volunteer emergency services throughout the Commonwealth. The publication features articles and columns related to the emergency services as well as training, educational opportunities, legislation and regional areas.

Scholarships – The Robert J. Hindley Memorial Scholarship is awarded yearly to five (5) deserving candidates who fit the program’s criteria to pursue higher education.

Health & Welfare – The MCVFA assists with financial and other means of support for members in need when possible.

Heating Assistance Program – The MCVFA provides emergency assistance to provide home heating to members during a financial crisis.

Junior Firefighter Program – In conjunction with the National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC), local fire departments work to develop the next generation of firefighters by getting young people interested and involved in the fire service.

MCVFA Merchandise – MCVFA logo clothing and gifts available for purchase.

Social Media – The MCVFA has a web page ( that posts fire service news and info as well as grant and scholarship info and applications. The Association also has a Twitter account and two Facebook pages – one official page for the Association itself and a second for Legislative information.