The Massachusetts Call/Volunteer Firefighters’ Association was organized in 1991 for the purpose of protecting the interests of call/volunteer firefighters in Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Part of the MCVFA’s stated mission is to maintain, support and serve the call/volunteer fire and emergency medical services and the public they serve through legislation. The MCVFA has a Legislative Committee and Legislative Representation to fulfill this mission.

MCVFA Legislative Committee

The Legislative Committee is composed of MCVFA members from across the state and is instrumental in the development and advocacy of the legislative agenda, commonly referred to as the MCVFA Scorecard. The legislative agenda consists of MCVFA bill proposals and other Fire Service resolutions. The MCVFA Scorecard is developed by the Legislative Committee for presentation to the membership each year.

The Legislative Committee compiles a list of possible legislative items with a brief description of each item. The Legislative Committee develops this list by reviewing items from the prior session’s legislative agenda, by soliciting input from the regions and by discussing emerging issues with other MCVFA committees and individual MCVFA members.

The various proposals are discussed within the Legislative Committee. Proposed legislative items are reviewed and refined in preparation for bill introduction. The Legislative Committee and Legislative Representative present a final agenda of introduced legislation to the Executive Board. After the Executive Board approves the final legislative agenda, the Legislative Committee and Legislative Representative lead the lobbying and advocacy activities.

The Legislative Committee continues the process by submitting a monthly legislative report to the MCVFA e-Board. The board may adjust the MCVFA Scorecard from time to time based on changing events and circumstances during the legislative year.

MCVFA Lobbying and Advocacy Activities

After the legislative agenda is established, the Legislative Committee and the Legislative Representative embark on a lobbying and advocacy campaign aimed at getting the MCVFA Scorecard items passed by the Massachusetts Legislature and signed by the Governor. The MCVFA’s lobbying and advocacy activities typically include:

  •                  Meetings and discussions with state legislators
  •                 Meetings and discussions with regulatory agencies
  •                 Arranging and coordinating the MCVFA legislative day at the Capitol
  •                 Preparation of educational materials relating to the MCVFA’s issues
  •                 Preparation of memorandum in support of or opposition to legislative bills
  •                 Providing testimony at public hearings
  •                 Monitoring and analyzing legislative bills and budget initiatives
  •                                Coordinating legislative updates at regional meetings
  •                 Answering questions from MCVFA members


The MCVFA’s legislative advocacy has resulted in a number of significant accomplishments.

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