Robert J. Hindley Memorial Scholarship
Application opens January 1st of each year
Deadline is May 1st of each year

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History of the Robert J. Hindley Memorial Scholarship

In 1963, Robert J. Hindley, at 19 years old, became a call firefighter at Station 2 in Woods Hole. That marked the beginning of an active involvement with the Falmouth Fire Department in which he served unselfishly for 29 years.

Always eager to learn more about his firefighting job, he attended many classes and courses during his years while being a call firefighter. He became one of the first call emergency medical technicians in Falmouth. Then he made the decision to become a paramedic, which meant continuing his training for two more years while working a full time job. His desire to serve his community was the force that kept him going during this rigorous period. Through his tireless efforts, his goal became a reality in 1988 when had attained his paramedic certification. Many of the residences and firefighters have been benefactors of his skills and achievements that he had accomplished all while serving his community.

Although Bob moved from Woods Hole to East Falmouth in 1972, his interest in the service to his fire company never wavered.

In 1990, Call Firefighter/Paramedic Robert Hindley received the honor of becoming a charter member of the Massachusetts Call/Volunteer Firefighters’ Association. It was through his encouragement that the association adopted the practice of beginning every meeting with the moment of silence for our brothers and sisters firefighters who had answered their last alarm.

Sadly, Bob died on January 2, 1992, still active in his department and the MCVFA.

It was in 1996 that the organization formed a scholarship committee and gave them the task to come up with the criteria and guidelines for the scholarship. It was at the 1997 April State Meeting that the vote went to the members on the final draft of the scholarship.

The application period commenced each year beginning January 1 to May 15 with awarding of the scholarship on July 1. At that time they appropriated $3,000 for 6 Scholarships. It was not until 2005 when it was raised to five $1000 scholarships.

It was on July 20, 1997 that the first round of 6 scholarships was awarded out of 23 applications. Also the E-board voted to give the first scholarship to Robert Hindley’s daughter, Ryanne, from Falmouth who is going to attend University of Massachusetts to study Pre-Med.