Mission Statement

It shall be the purpose of the Massachusetts Call/Volunteer Firefighters’ Association to do any and all acts and deeds designed to promote the ideals and goals of the Call/Volunteer Firefighter and EMT of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. 

Furthermore, it is the intent of this organization to represent the interests of the member Cities, Towns, Districts, Fire Companies or Associations at the Great and General Court of the Commonwealth and to act as liaison between the Call and Volunteer Firefighter and EMT of the Commonwealth and interact with the various state agencies whose function is the preservation of lives and property; and to do any and all acts and things designed to better serve and protect the lives and property of the residents of this Commonwealth thus fostering good will from the community at large while engendering fellowship among members of the fire service.

The primary objective of this organization is to promote the welfare of Call and Volunteer Fire/EMS Companies and their members by rendering assistance of every type and nature whenever possible.